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Wholesale purchases Directly from Italian manufacturers

Cooperation within purchases in bulk directly from Italian manufacturers. Order process in advance of famous Italian brands collections. Purchases in bulk of recognized and luxury outfit brands.

It is crucial to determine the price policy of the clothing before one opens an outlet.

There are two categories or so called ‘segments’ of clothing: luxury segment (1st line) and middle/upper-low segment (2nd line).

1st and 2nd lines – by order in advance.

1st line (luxury segment) – prior down payment of 30%, order in advance of one year prior to actual purchase, in other words 2 seasons before transaction. Most of European cities are already “closed-down” for those kinds of wholesales, since there are numerous official brand retail stores.

Attention! All luxury segment orders are filed through city of Milano in official show-rooms, orders are based both on presented samples and on 30% forward down payment.

Got to know:

Retail company, selling collections spring/summer, opens in the beginning of September , while those selling collections fall/winter, opens in the beginning of March.

2nd line (upper-low segment) – by orders in advance. These are the following brands: Viadelleperle, Elizabetta Franchi, Luisa Spagnoli and etc.

Purchase conditions – by orders in advance, considering 30% down payment. Order of collection must be filed one season ahead before desired purchase day.

Average price of one unit is 80-100 Euros; also you may get particular clothing without any orders in advance. Minimal purchase monetary amount starts at 10,000 Euros.

Wholesale clothing purchases from famous luxury brands with discounts.

All luxury and upper-low segment clothing is also available for purchase without any order in advance. Those are collections from the prior year with lower prices: discounts of 20%, 30%, 50%. Even though these units are on sale, they are authentic high quality items of higher than average price range. Minimal purchase start-up begins at 5,000 Euros.

Both, online remote purchase procedure and physical guidance on the actual manufacture plant stock, are possible and negotiable.

Purchases from Producers of Upper-Low Segment or in other words “Pronto Moda” – collections manufactured for the current/upcoming season.

Many European entrepreneurs prefer famous brands with more affordable price range (i.e. 18-45 Euros for unit).

Upper-Low Segment brands are produced during an actual season, hence the selection changes biweekly, updates – two times a week. So many producers would not have any catalogues on hands simply because there is no point at it.

Most of producers locate at Centergross Bologna – the biggest wholesale retail outlet in the entire Europe.

Centergross Bologna is open from Monday till Friday, 8:00 – 17:30. Some wholesale show rooms are open from 7:00 in the morning.

Purchase transactions occur while your stay in Italy, or one can order the collection online prior to the arrival (for more details read the following statement).

Benefits of buying clothing in bulk from Italy of luxury or upper-low segment, produced in the current season:

1. Abundant selection of collections

2. Affordable pricing policy

3. Purchase procedure during the current season (no need for payment in advance)

4. Fast turnover of the clothing in the stock

5. Broad variety of producers

Conditions of the purchase: each manufacturer defines minimal product purchase separately. In general the purchase begins at 600 Euros. Potential buyer should follow particular size line of the collection, or should purchase at least 2 sizes of each model. Also, dealing with the shoes, one must follow the same size line, or purchase 5 pairs from the size 36 to the size 40. Attention: you cannot try on the clothing on the manufacturer facilities!

Upper-Low segment «Pronto Moda»


Online/Remote purchases


The procedure is done in the following manner:
1. Online catalogues purchases on the actual company web sites. Permission to enter the web site of the company in the business zone (protected by the password) for the purchases is provided and done by us.
2. Purchases via WhatsApp, Viber (we send you the pictures of the actual product from the show rooms at the moment of the purchase); Skype (video call) gives you an opportunity to see the product at the very moment. All the purchases of such nature are done from the actual show rooms. This is related to the constant updates of the selection on the manufacturer facilities. New collection arrivals to the facilities usually happen on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.
3. Online catalogues purchases in advance: the following brands are the upper-low segment producers – Denny Rose, Anima Gemella, Koralline, Kor Kor, Angy Six, Barbara Alvisi, Relish, Leidiro, KatiaG.

Payments and delivery

Visa, Master Card, American Express, Cash, Money transfer

Distant payments via invoice.
1. Payment software “X-Pay” is an online payment through the credit card addressed to the bank account of the wholesale retail store.
2. Bank transactions to the bank account of the retail store from your own bank account. Takes about 3-7 days to process.

Payments on the sight (physically paying cash or credit at the facility):
Most of producers would accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and many more types. Payments in cash are limited by 999 Euros at one time due to the new laws of the Italian government.


Express deliveries throughout the world

     (Global Express, UPS, Bartollini    (BRT), DHL, and others)

• Ground shipping deliveries
• Air shipping deliveries
• Constant tracking of the package though out the shipment
• Custom clearance of the package providing the full package of the documents
• Low prices and bonuses for the loyal customers

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