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How could you buy clothing from Italy at cheap prices?

То buy clothing directly from the manufacturer

Our Service

Business offer for those who is looking forward to opening your own retail store or the chain of the retail fashion stores. Update the offer selection of existing retail store.

Our Advantages

How do we work?
Watch the video, please. Real footage. Real environment.

About me
_MG_24631 Offer for those who would like to open a fashion retail store or a chain of retail stores. Update your selection in existing fashion retail store.  Many years of experience at Centergross Bologna helped me to gain the crucial skills in the fashion business, while the art school developed a good taste in the industry. I am a certified translator (Italian, English, Russian). Always can help you at the exhibitions, presentations and fashion shows. I cooperate with the leading and most demanded Italian producers of shoes, clothing, and leather products. My motto is “The prosperous growth of my clients.” My mission is “Thoroughly examine the taste and demands and satisfy all the needs of my clients.” Looking forward to having a long-term business relationships, based on trust and mutual respect. Will be more than happy to help you with: 
  • Escort/guidance to the exhibitions, presentations, fashion shows
  • Translator services (on the presentations and etc., scheduling the optimal time specially for you)
  • Guidance through the shopping tour at boutiques or retail stores
  • Guidance to the outlets                             Helpful Information:                         
Italian clothing, shoes, fur products, leather products, accessories, draperies and furniture – all of these you could purchase at once at one of the biggest malls of Europe – Centergross Bologna. Huge selection of clothing for young people of all sizes.


How we work?
Booking the hotel
Meeting at the airport
Hotel transfer
Help during the purchases
Shipping of the packages
Escort back to the airport

We organize your trip to Italy and guide you through the best manufactures and wholesale stocks in Italy; we ship your clothing to your destination point. We do all the necessary paperwork. We always keep you posted with whatever is going in concerning your business. Long-term relationships with you is the paramount goal for our company.

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